Gift Cards can be purchased in-store or online.

We can issue it with a dollar amount or a service of your choice.

  1. How to get a gift card online: Please send us an email at . (don’t forget the extra “s”) and let us know how much you’re looking for

2. Our  online payment gateway is via Venmo or Paypal

3. Once we receive confirmation of payment we will send you the gift card via email and you will have to print out the image and show our techs.

Note: Any gift card not issued by us will NOT be taken. We are NOT affiliated with other services. Our customers will never be charged a service fee for a gift card. We do not recommend Giftly and we do not have a contract with them.

OUR GIFT CARD RECOMMENDATIONS (Because not everyone knows nails)

Choice #1 For one person (Birthday/Graduation/Just because) and they usually do not get their nails done. Regular polish do not last long as long (few days) but this will make sure they do not have to go to another shop afterwards (or ours) to remove the polish.

“Regular Manicure ($15)+ Regular Pedicure ($22) + Paraffin or Mask Treatment ($35) = $72

Choice #2  For one person (Birthday/Graduation/Just because) that “REGULARLY” gets their nails done. The person should be very familiar with the process so coming back to remove the gel wouldn’t be an issue.

“Gel Manicure” ($33) + Regular Pedicure ($22) = $55

Choice #3 For your best friend who you want to spoil silly!!

“Gel Manicure ($33) + Gel Pedi + Deluxe add-on (4-in 1- organic scrub,mask,cream). ($55) =$88