Our Services

Nail Service

  • Gel Manicure31-35
  • Gel Pedicure36
  • Regular Manicure16
  • Regular Pedicure22

Waxing - Face

  • Brow10
  • Lip6
  • Chin7
  • Side Burn8

Wax Combo

  • Lip - Brow15
  • Lip - Brow - Chin20
  • Full Face25

Additional charges will vary with design and “premium polish”

*Please be specific when booking to ensure we can provide time allocation for all our clients. If you need a design please let us know.

Example : “Gel” Manicure with a Regular “Pedicure”. 

Sometimes client say Mani/Pedi. But when they come in they want gel and we cannot accommodate sometimes 🙁